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Stairs & Railings

A staircase in the entryway of a home can make a strong first impression. In many homes, it is the central focal point, and often times it is overlooked as a place to add immediate visual impact with added value. Nothing distinguishes the quality of a home more than a well-designed beautifully crafted staircase. Stairs make the statement of excellence and craftsmanship for the entryway of the home. Since 2002, Starail has been providing builders & homeowners with stairs that serve as the image of quality, and design for their homes.

Why Our Stairs ?

  1. More than 10 years of experience

    The same way you take your car to be repaired by an expert, we are sure you want someone who is an expert building or recapping your stairs. We’ve been doing that for more than 10 years. And our business is only stairs and railings – meaning we are 100% focused.

  2. Top quality Stairs and Railings that will fit your budget

    We are sure you want the best. But we are also sure you want to pay the least.
    We know our competitors – and we know we can beat their prices and match or surpass their quality.
    Together we can find a way to accommodate your budget while not compromising on quality – start having a simple taste and get satisfied only with the best.

  3. We are proud of our work and will only consider the job done when you and us are both happy with it

    Money can’t pay for everything and it sure can’t pay a happy customer. We don’t have a marketing budget to advertise so our customers are our best marketers. We strive to deliver a perfect job so you can remember our name and recommend us.

  4. We build long lasting stairs with the finest materials and special attention to details to suit the most demanding customer – You!

    We work with some of the biggest builders in the Cambridge area and there are hundreds of houses built with our stairs and railings. The materials we use are made of the finest wood, cut and carefully prepared after rigorous in-place measurements.
    We are ready for the most demanding customer – you.

Starail - Stairs and Railings - Recaps

Recapping your stairs

In most renovation situations, replacing a staircase is simply not the most convenient or economical solution. Stair recapping has become the “go to” procedure for refreshing the look of your stairs because it does not disturb drywall, paint, or structure. Recapping usually ends up costing homeowners 15%-40% less than replacing a stair. On top of the cost savings, it is far more convenient, since at no point during the process are the stairs inaccessible. The process is not a simple, but with years of expertise behind us, we have it down to a science.
Replacing carpeted stairs with a natural oak finish can add a touch of elegance to your home’s decor, as well as increase its future resale value.

Why recap?

  • Cheaper than new stairs
  • Easy expert install
  • Vast selection of wood species
  • Works great when you are considering replacing stair treads in a renovation environment. You are not tearing the whole house apart to rebuild steps from scratch.


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