About Us

Who we are

We are a Stairs and Railings building company from Cambridge Ontario, delivering some of the finest Maple, Oak and Spruce stairs since 2002.

Over the years we have built a reputation that we are proud to stand behind. Working with some of Canada’s largest home-building companies, we have provided quality long lasting – and of course – beautiful stairs all over Ontario.

Our expertise is your assurance of always being on-budget and on-schedule.

What we do

We provide the best quality crafted stairs and we do in place study and measurement to guarantee that the customer gets the best and most perfect solution in every case.
Our materials are bought rough, carefully handled and worked in our shop to assure only the best are used, delivering stairs build to last. Stairs can be built using different wood types and combined with any kind of railing. We handle special requests and we are able to customize most stairs to suit the customer needs. We can also recap your old stairs giving a new look and value to your house.


Why Choose Us ?

  1. More than 17 years of experience
    We work with stairs and railings for more than 17 years, which means we are experts and focused on the details that can make a difference.We deliver the best.
  2. We will fit your budget
    We know our competitors prices. And we know we have the best price for your stairs, railings or for a recap job.
  3. The job is done when you are happy with it
    We have a 100% satisfaction rate from all our customers. We feel proud of our work and make sure you will feel happy with it as well.
  4. We build long lasting stairs and make no quality compromises
    We work with some of the biggest builders and demanding customers in the Cambridge area and there are hundreds of houses built with our stairs and railings. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We know our business and we can prove it.